Essential Image Editing workshop

04. 12. 2019

In this workshop, we will cover the most important image editing techniques to help you create better-looking photos for the web, print or other media.

We will cover:
- Image enhancements
- Technical Fixes
- Photo Retouching
- Creative Editing
- What else is possible
- Answering your questions
We will be using Adobe Photoshop. Participants may simply watch or bring a laptop with Photoshop or Affinity installed. Both programs are available for 7 and 10-day trials, respectively.

The workshop will be hosted by Logan Susnick in English but we'll be switching to Serbian and Slovenian as needed.

Logan Susnick started working in web design at the beginning of the modern internet back in 1993. He's been in audio and video post-production in the US and Slovenia for almost 25 years. Logan's been using Photoshop since version 2.5 in 1994 and is well versed in its many technical and creative aspects. His other talents include being a musician and a certified English language instructor.

You can send your applications to the e-mail address: medijske

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, 4 December 2019 at 6 pm at Tržaška cesta 2, Ljubljana.