Essential Image Editing workshop

 In this workshop, we will cover the most important image editing techniques to help you create better-looking photos for the web, print or other media.

A live streaming workshop

In this short workshop, we will get acquainted with the basic technical skills for doing live streaming.

A video editing workshop

Basic techniques of video editing with the Adobe Premiere software will be demonstrated in this workshop.

Summer and Autumn School of Fundraising and Marketing

 Within the 4th part of the operation #MINORITIESONLINE, we shal deal with funding, promotion and sustainability of idependent minority media.

Workshops on sound processing and editing

Basics of sound recording, editing and design with the program Audacity.

Night school of minority journalism

 We will discover all you wanted to know but never dared to ask about minorities and media in the workshops starting on 4 April and lasting up until 20 July.

Political cartoon and social changes: the case of Serbia



Strategy and mechanisms against multiple discrimination of women, immigrant women and migrant women in Slovenia, hosted by Prof Dr Svetlana Slapšak

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 11 December at 5 pm in the GIAM ZRC SAZU, Gosposka ulica 16, Ljubljana.

Cultural production of the vulnerable groups

The 1st set - Introductory workshops

Workshops dealing with theory and practice

Starting 1.11.2018 - ending 31.12.2018.