Summer and Autumn School of Fundraising and Marketing

01. 07. 2019

Before the summer break, we start on the final cycle of workshops within the framework of the project #MINORITIESONLINE. After the introduction into the theory of vulnerable groups and media, literary workshops and evening classes of minority journalism, in the final cycle we shall deal with funding, promotion and sustainability of independent minority media.

We shall consider the possibilities for achieving financial independence with the help of old and new strategies: project funding, sponsorship and donorship, independent internet publishing and “crowdfunding “. We shall introduce you into the world of project marketing and promotion and reveal the digital tools for increasing visibility on the Internet.

At the end of the cycle, we shall get acquainted with the start-up media in Slovenia connecting civil-activist and innovative technologies and link with other minority media (visit to Italian and Hungarian newsrooms on TV Slovenia, guest appearances of journalists from the Primorske novic) with the aim of exchange of experiences and presentation of good practices.

The workshops will be hosted by experts in the field of fundraising, media producers and journalists.

In addition to the usual lectures and group work, all the paricipants will have an opportunity of having private lessong (in person or electronically) with the mentors, where they will get advice, guidance and work on specific projects and ideas along with their mentors.

Everyone interested in this topic and wishing to acquire some of the practical skills of fundraising and promotion is welcome to apply to the workshops. Members of ethnic gropus from the former Yugoslavia, their desecndants, students and all others interested in the life of the ex-Yugoslav communities in Slovenia, as well as project management and promotion are especially encouraged to apply.

We announce three lectures in July on the following dates:

  1. 9.7.2019 “SEO - Search Engine Optimization”, mentored by Dr Bojan Anđelković, founder of the YugoTranslate, Zavod za prevođenje i povezivanje jugoslovenskih kultura and the editor of the site
  2. 11.7.2019 “SEO - Search Engine Optimization”, mentored by Irena Vujčić Pavlović, producer of the portals, and the Flight Control radio show in the Serbian Language.
  3. 12.7.2019 “Basis of project writing, collecting donations and raising sponsorships, “crowdfunding” mentored by Irena Vujčić Pavlović, producer of the portals, and the Flight Control radio show in the Serbian Language

All the lectures start at 4 pm and individual lessons are scheduled upon agreement with the mentors.

Location: Tržaška cesta 2, Ljubljana