A video editing workshop

06. 11. 2019

Basic techniques of video editing with the Adobe Premiere software will be demonstrated in this workshop:

- the interface of the program will be presented, as well as basic editing tools,

- preparing and importing video material into the program,

- processing and editing video footage,

- adding text and effects,

- sound and background music editing,

- basics of colour correction,

- exporting the video into the final product.

The participants are required to have their own portable computers (with mouse and adapter) with the recorded Adobe Premiere Pro software. A free 7-day version can be downloaded here https://www.adobe.com/si/products/premiere/free-trial-download.html

The participants with the trial version should make sure their trial version doesn’t expire on the day of the workshop.

The workshop will be run by Rok Finžgar.


Rok Finžgar has pursued video editing as a hobby for ten years and professionally for five years.  Upon completion of the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, he started learning graphic animation on his own and then broadened his knowledge at the ACADEMIA, College of Higher Education in Maribor, where he completed the course for the Media Production Engineer. After graduation from college, he got a job at Studio Moderna, where he makes commercials and promotional animations, while cooperating with other clients and working on his own projects.

You can send your applications to the e-mail address medijske.delavnice@dkis.si

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at 6 pm at Tržaška cesta 2, Ljubljana.