The 1st set - Introductory workshops

15. 11. 2018

Description of performing the activities:

The aim of the workshops: The workshops provide acquisition of knowledge from the field of vulnerable groups and media, of information from the field of minority legislation in Slovenia and opportunities for employment of minorities. The workshops also provide the acquisition of skills and abilities for critical reading and following the media, as well as advocating for one’s rights. The emphasis will be on critical reflection of everyday discriminatory practices, especially of multiply vulnerable groups, such as women from minority groups. The state of minority associations in Slovenia will be presented, as well as examples of successful management.

Innovative methods of work and tools for achieving results: instead of typical ex-cathedra lectures and training, the workshops provide constant interaction between the trainer and the training participants. The workshops are conceived as debating circles, where the participants could state their own views, difficulties, needs, opinions and experiences and compare them with the experiences of others within the same or different vulnerable group, as well as with theoretical and research viewpoints. Individual guidance is aimed at those participants who would like to get additional references or counselling on certain topics which were presented in lectures or help with shaping the works created in workshops.

The instructors/mentors will be available for individual guidance: in person right after the lecture or online by e-mail, Skype or MSN.

Cooperation between different vulnerable groups is emphasised, with special emphasis on practical cooperation of the participants and the products which will be the results of training: e.g. the set on vulnerable groups’ employment (questions, answers, conclusions, recommendations and advice…) will be published on an internet platform which will be formed in the framework of the project.

Structure of the workshops: lecture + debate + individual guidance

Number of workshops: 12 workshops

Duration of a workshop: 3 hours of lectures/debates + 7 hours of individual guidance/workshops

Training duration: 120 hours

  1. Strategies and mechanisms against multiple discrimination of women, immigrant women and migrant women in Slovenia (comparisons, other countries) - 2 workshops
  2. Minority media: theory and practice - 2 workshops
  3. Empowerment of minorities through art practices -  2 workshops
  4. Good practices - niches for employment of minorities in Slovenia - 1 workshop
  5. Legislation and everyday problems of minorities when seeking and obtaining employment in Slovenia, concrete examples and practical advice - 2 workshops
  6. How to successfully manage a minority cultural and artistic association/institute, presentation of the state in Slovenia, problems, solutions, basics of project funding - 2 workshops
  7. The position of women in minority communities and societies - 1 workshop

Estimated effects and results:

- providing employment for a coordinator from a minority group

- number of participants in the workshops: 20

- number of lecturers: 7

- providing information and equipping the vulnerable group with a critical reflexive apparatus for the treatment of vulnerable groups, with special emphasis on the position of women and LGBT population (multiple vulnerabilities)

- development of self-confidence, civil courage and competence of minorities and migrants in the field of vulnerable groups’ rights

- networking of workshop participants.