21. 10. 2019

The collection BIĆE BOLJE – BO ŽE is comprised of poems, short stories and essays written by seven authoresses and one author who write bilingually or in their native languages from the region of former Yugoslavia. In contrast to other such collections there are no motives of nostalgia, longing for the native country, idealization of homeland and pain connected to it, or other themes typical of the diaspora in the works of Tanja Božić, Natalija Milovanović, Alena Begić, Dragan Mitić, Biljana Žikić, Vesna Hrdlička Bergelj, Snježana Vračar Mihelač and Tamara Kovačević. They are interested in multi-layered themes, the reality of the world, the past and the present, historical changes, the challenges of modern society, individual and collective memory,the identity as a sum of several factors. The literature in this collection is multicultural, which is a completely customary system of writing in today’s world, created by authors with two or more homelands, languages, identities. The authors from the collection BIĆE BOLJE – BO ŽE are representatives of the new wave of writers and artists who have language as their homeland, world as their home and their works, which are published in their original language, as well as in translation into Slovenian, offer a quality and authentic literature and a true joy in reading.

Editor-in-chief: Lidija Dimkovska

Translation: Tanja Božić and Natalija Milovanović

Layout and design: Jana Kumberger

Photos: Goran Jakovac

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The printing was enabled by The Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia.